Reply To: Got an article on RPS

Avatar photoGOD

Yeah, the more the better and its very positive as well :)
People have to hear about us. Its really difficult sometimes to get coverage when you cant show flashy pixel-animations and your whole game idea isnt described in 5 words.

Actually, I’ve been lurking on other forums and noticing that you’re getting the best press of all: postive word of mouth from gamers. People start playing, get excited and then get other people to start playing. The hardcore crowd in particular seems unanimous in its fervour, which is pretty unusual! Kind of funny actually to see the RPGCodex in particular be extremely positive, when they’re often known for hating everything and everyone. :P Your efforts at documenting your thoughts on gaming and being so communicative are also generating a lot of confidence and goodwill. Far more interesting to read the thoughts of passionate fellow gamers than some PR manager who only read about them and lots of people agree with bringing back more complex games.
There’s also a minor Hugo meme going on.

Honestly, I was hoping for, but not expecting this kind of success until release. Great to know that games can still trigger genuine enthusiasm among gamers. :D