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Have you read my post from 17:47?

As I told you, I used this with 6 perks in off and 2 + (2) in uti.
Todays patch did atleast make it impossible to switch weapons attack and switch again. This is good.
But Bags and belts lets you still carry every weapon i mentioned at the same time without any penalty. I still think this has to be adressed.

Yes of course it does adress a part of my concerns. To be able to carry tons of different weapons remains. And as I already told you this point is less about beeing overpowered and more about the point that it is uneralistic as hell and it does take away the hard choice to choose your weapon wisely.

I would suggest two handed weapons use 2 bag slots. Every merc should start out with 1 bag slot (so there is still room for a secondary small weapon). Bags and belts will then double the bag slots to 2 (then the perk could stay as it is with the fatique penalty taken away). Then you could take either 2 one handed weapons/shields or one two handed weapon in the bag.

This would still offer to change your weapon, while beeing more realistically and make choosing your weapon a tough choice as it should be.

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