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Have you read my post from 17:47?
Yes of course it does adress a part of my concerns. To be able to carry tons of different weapons remains. And as I already told you this point is less about beeing overpowered and more about the point that it is uneralistic as hell and it does take away the hard choice to choose your weapon wisely.
I would suggest two handed weapons use 2 bag slots. Every merc should start out with 1 bag slot (so there is still room for a secondary small weapon). Bags and belts will then double the bag slots to 2 (then the perk could stay as it is with the fatique penalty taken away). Then you could take either 2 one handed weapons/shields or one two handed weapon in the bag.
This would still offer to change your weapon, while beeing more realistically and make choosing your weapon a tough choice as it should be.

Yeah, but I assumed you meant that you couldn’t switch back because the switching itself was disallowed, not because you ran out AP. As I said, I don’t actually use Quick Hands all that much, so I assumed it was just an old change until I actually used it for a bit again.

There was a discussion about this last week and having played a lot since then hasn’t convinced me that such a heavy nerf is needed. The weapon taking up one slot and potentially having four slots can sometimes feel less realistic, but it adds to the gameplay and would just cause confusion for the player if you change the value of slots. Why does a greatsword count and not a spear? Why are shields fine? It creates a distinction between items that is counter-intuitive. Also, bags and belts is now mandatory for ranged users if they want to have any survivability.

Starting with 1 slot that you can double, Quick Hands nerf, plus making two-handed weapons take up 2 slots is way too much of a limit on a playstyle that isn’t overpowered, but just out of the norm. People did not historically go into battle with just one weapon or with just one shield, because stuff broke or got knocked away. If realism is strictly necessary then a reworking of the inventory system is in order while still maintaining the possibility of multiple weapons, because the aformentioned changes would look very out of place in the current system. They only limit gameplay without adding any interesting choices to it.