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Hi Castlecreeps,
great to hear that you enjoy the game and share our points of view on horses and a base :)
Here are some quick points:
2. Wider item table: This is considered adding content at the moment. It will eventually happen, but we first focus on broadening the foundations of the game implementing important basic game mechanics.
3. More populous world: See point 2
4. Villainy: May happen depending on the final game vision we are working on right now.
5. Relations: Absolutely planned. At the moment we have a twofold reputation system in mind featuring business and moral reputation values.
6. More contract variety: See point 2
7. The ability to retire/dismiss a merc for a time: Not sure about this, would be fun, but is it worth spending our ressources on this?
8. Ledger of the Dead: Totally planned. Not sure when it will come though.
9. Pathing? On our discussion list.

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