Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion

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Part of what makes it feel weird is that Quick Hands seems like a perk whose theme is adaptability, but instead it seems more like a perk useful in specific situations, like the repeating crossbow. How about making only the first swap free and taking away the AP reduction? So the first swap in a round is free, but all the ones after that take the full 4 AP?

What made me not choose the shieldbash perk was, that it may give you a little bit of damage but at the same time the description says it builds up 10 more fatique.
Description: The knock back skill now also inflicts 10 – 25 damage (50% vs armor) and 10 fatique in addition to its normal effect.
So it does not really sound much like an improvement.
Right now I just tested it against undeads. I saw that it costs the same fatique as without the perk. So I now assume the 10 fatique are added to the enemy? So the description is a bit misleading I guess atleast for me.

Yup. It adds 10 fatigue damage to your attack.

Shield bashing has a built in accuracy bonus of +25 over standard attacks. If you take the perk, shield bash becomes a high accuracy attack good for finishing off enemies already gravely wounded .
I’d suggest rather than stunning the target, the target gets a -10 reduction to their melee offense and defense for a turn to represent being off balance.

I’m suggesting putting an accuracy bonus on top of that of say 15 or 20%. You’re right though that you could use it as a highly accurate finishing move. Not exactly the point of the buff, so it’s probably a good idea to remove the damage modifier then.