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Ladies and Gentlemen, I think I have a solution to this whole “Give me Character Customization/ Leave it for RNGesus to decide” thing. It isn’t an original solution, since I’m just going to point out how Paradox handled things in CK2 (and everyone and their dog loved CK2). Crusader Kings was mentioned earlier in the thread, sure, but no one mentioned that its Achievements were tied to its Ironman mode, which strictly forbade the Character Customizer, at least as I recall. I always thought that was an elegant solution to the conflict that seems to be going on in this thread.

This is what I meant with a campaign mode and a sandbox mode in another thread.
-Campaign mode: deal with the cards you are given, earn something (achievements, ingame secrets)
-Sandbox mode: control all variables you’ve got

As it is right now, I often find myself restarting a new game several times until I have a crew that I deem “playable”, and I doubt that I’m the only one who does this.

Me too.

Never. Though I haven’t tried out hard, yet, on normal pretty much every crew is playable. Of course you’ll still die a couple of times and try again, but that doesn’t depend on your character backgrounds. It’s all about circumstances and skill. If werewolves attack you on your first day, even a great starting team won’t save you (I guess).