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I don’t care for achievements one bit. They’re just a lazy way of trying to make it feel like the player has accomplished something, rather making them feel this way through their interaction with the mechanics. Imagine reading a book and the book going: YOU HAVE REACHED CHAPTER 2. GOOD JOB! What I do care about is cohesion and not putting in features that don’t fit the central themes of the game.

Your starting gear actually has larger impact on the starting difficulty than the traits you get. Sure, you might be able find some really good combos if you could select them, but you can’t. That’s part of the point. The game shouldn’t encourage trying to minmax your starting party, because it is a waste of your time both thematically and practically. They’re not the main characters and the game mechanics should reinforce this.

I can see why Crusader Kings 2 has a feature like that, but that is a very different game with different reasons for having it.

Same for me. I just play with whomever I get. You have to adapt your tactics a little to your starting team. But after a few fights you should be all set no matter what bros you started with.
Okay, if you start with two beggars and a vagabond it might be more difficult :) But even thats doable, happened to me before.

One of my favourite random games was when I started on hard and got two servants and a miner for my company ‘Noblesse Oblige’. :P
They actually kept surviving and the miner ended up with Captain and Rally the Troops. The servants as berserkers.