Reply To: Minor Suggestion

Avatar photoGOD

I like it, but it also feels weird to have perks not do anything outside of vision range. Being heard is what’s important, but the orders wouldn’t be as effective if you couldn’t see who you´re ordering. How about halving the effect of the perks for every tile that they affect beyond your vision?

So let’s say you have vision 3 and Captain perk. Everyone within three tiles gets the full 20%, those four tiles removed get 10% and the fives tiles removed get 5%.

I like this idea! We can go even further with realism, every brother should see the captain if he want to get bonus from his traits.
Warrior with full helmet and decreased vision can’t see his orders so he don’t get any bonus ±’

The merc on receiving end of the perk only needs to hear the order, so their vision doesn´t matter. Otherwise you get the visual image of people pausing in combat to crane their head to look who´s shouting at them. :P