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Really looking forward to bottlenecks like the bridge and cramped hallways of the dungeon! There’s something really tense about a fight where it’s all about outlasting each other or holding back overwhelming numbers with a few men. I’m expecting undead to be a nightmare to fight in something like a dungeon – desperately taking potshots at the necromancer to stop him, while accidentally shooting my own guys in the head. Environmental factors like that can completely change how you approach a battle, it’s why picking a battlefield that favours you has always been one of the most important parts of strategy. I remember being really disappointed by how Rome Total War didn’t let you intentionally recreate the battle of Thermopylae.

The Orc Chief design really makes him stands out, especially the size of his tusks compared to other Orcs. Reinforces the predator theme they’ve got going on. I’ve learned by now to accept the shoulder spikes . . . just as long as you don’t put skulls on them. My poor heart can’t take anymore shoulder skulls. :P