Reply To: No saving in combat?

Avatar photoarcweldx

No, it won’t be implemented. At the moment the game creates an autosave before every battle, so you can reload and try the battle again. But this might be only for the EA version (because of bugs) and not the final release.

I hope this isn’t the official stance of the devs, and if it is, I seriously hope they rethink something that misguided.

Some of us don’t have unlimited time on our hands and nothing else to do in the world. If the family needs attention, or I need to go to work, or something else important comes up in life, or *I just want to stop playing,” or the game crashes, or my PC crashes, and I’m 20-minutes into a battle, then I’ve wasted 20 minutes of my time. That’s tedious and annoying, and also pretty disrespectful of what my time is worth.

If some people are so weak they can’t help but constantly hit the reload button, give them a “no saves” option! For the rest of us, please don’t waste our time. This isn’t my job, it’s a game: I should decide when to play and when to stop and not be punished for it.