Reply To: suddenly one of the ai dont end the round

Avatar photoeinssi

I can verify this. My first battle with wiedergangers went fine. It was a strategic map point called ambush of something. (Not quest related) On my second battle with wiedergangers (a quest to clear an ancient graveyard), I can reproduce the bug by hardquitting the game or retreating, and loading the same save and trying to do the battle again. So far I haven’t been able to get through the battle without the game hanging on AI turn. The game keeps on working, I can retreat, I can click at all the buttons and so on, but the AI turn is neverending. Sometimes it’s AI turn 1, sometimes it’s AI turn 15, and so on. (I’ve tried several times)

The log file shows this:

-> Behaviors to pick from:
GruesomeFeast (311.111)(*), Defend (-1.#IND)(*), Engage.Melee (47.4554), Roam (0), Idle (1), Attack.Default (0), Flee (0)
17:15:09Script Error
the index ‘onBeforeExecute’ does not exist

So I don’t think that’s a real puzzler to figure out.

On a personal note, this was only by far the most epicly best start I have had in the game, and I would’ve slaughtered those nasty ghouls. DAMN.

PS. As this isn’t a hardware issue for sure, I’m skipping the DxDiag