Reply To: About the difficulties settings

Avatar photoGOD

Honestly, I don’t think this game is suitable for people who dislike difficulty and character death, because the core game experience completely revolves around the concept of lethality. Taking those away essentially makes the combat pointless, because there is no source of tension anymore. The only thing you’d have left is winning or losing and tweaking your characters so that you lose less. The game is so much more than that though and a difficulty level that lacks this does not seem like a worthwhile feature.
A casual player is probably not going to ever enjoy this game, or it’s going to show them a side of gaming that they never knew they enjoyed. It’s why I always recommend people to play the demo first and see whether they enjoy the combat. If they don’t, then I recommend them other games.

So if you have any people who you think might enjoy the game, just have them play the demo or show them one of the lets plays. See if they like it. I know the feeling of wanting to make a game enjoyable for someone who can’t deal with the difficulty, but I also know that they wouldn’t understand what makes the game special if I just gave them a watered-down version. :)