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It so doesn’t matter imo it’s the decision everyone has to make for themselves. A game should be fun. If your definition of fun is ironman, well very good so is mine, but there are circumstances and people in general who like to have an opportunity to save for various reasons. Players who don’t want to save reload all the time won’t do it anyway. It’s realy just a design decision, what the devs think will suit the game more.
But if you have constant crashes freezes and other stuff in games that makes you zealous for save everywhere, perhaps you should rethink your gaming setup and change stuff around to stop being frustrated all the time when a game has no meaning of correcting your own mistakes.
The save on quit as only save works the best for me. Tho we are in EA so it will do only harm.

I do not say you have to play the game in ironman mode. This is why I support the option of saving and reloading out of combat. But as the combat is the main feature of this game an option to save and reload inside it would totally change the feeling of this game. So I for my part say NO.

Your second last sentence resembled what I said before so I don´t get your point of arguing in the first place. If you don´t have the time to finish the fight, save on closing only is the best option as it prevents savescamming which would seriously hurt the game inside combat.

And you are right about the devs and it beeing a design decision. And I would go one step further and say it is one of their fundamental design decisions. They always stated your decisions good or bad have to matter. Savescamming would undermine this.

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