Reply To: Undead Orcs

Avatar photoJago

I just mean, given the amount of work Psen has as the only artist, it would be easier (and more interesting) to introduce a couple of new units instead of reskinning the units of every existing faction and all faction to come.
Also adding completely new units with different behavior isn’t bad, not at all. That’s what BB really needs at some point of development. And even if zombies of other species would add more variety to the undead faction, they’d work they same way human zombies do, and won’t add much to the tactical combat, gameplay-wise (unlike new units).

No idea, how much the devs can do, but if I had to choose to invest my limited time and budget in new units or undead re-skins… I’d go with new units. Even if there’s time for both, new units and faction should have priority, don’t you think so?

In my opinion, this feature would be the cherry on the cake for a deep and immersive RPG. But I thinks it adds relative little compared to the work it takes, and it’s not a feature that is essential to the gameplay.