Reply To: No saving in combat?

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Aaand since I can’t find the edit button, if there is one, I am double-posting. I feel so dirty.

I must have really missed my mark with the pizza analogy. I meant to say that the amount of money that a customer pays for Battle Brothers (around 22$ Canadian, I’m not sure about elsewhere) is roughly enough to buy a large pizza. I’ve certainly paid that much for pizza before, at least. I wasn’t trying to compare the game itself to pizza, but rather use pizza to illustrate (roughly, as Valve takes its mysterious Valve Percentage) the value of a sale to the dev team.

If we assume that one sale of Battle Brothers gives the devs one large pizza, and that one large pizza can feed the three gentlemen for one meal (I am not the slimmest man, perhaps our intrepid developers can subsist on less), then three copies of Battle Brothers can feed the devs for a day. More copies sold, means more days eating pizza (which is delicious, and thus desirable to eat). It’s… admittedly a clumsy analogy.

I’m sorry for confusing everyone with it.