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But maybe there should be a bit of reworking of this.

Lets say there is a pack of werewolfs following you ok, that is fine they are hungry so ok they hunt you til they get you, but when you cross an easier target, they should just take *insert random puny caravan here* for example.

Now lets look for some more intelligent enemies. Raiders want to loot get rich and have a lazy life then. They don´t fight because the love to fight, but because they have to in order to make their living. So they should not follow you for so long that they have to travel half the map back to their camp. They would just turn away and find someone elso to rob. They are lazy scum that don´t want to work that is why they rob people in the first place. And hunting a group of possible dangerous and insane cultists around the world does sound like WORK^^. They would also ever take the easier target. Atleast if I was a raider I would.

Undead, ok they are really mindless unless directed by a necromancer. They would follow you forever. Though I also think they shouldn´t be fast enough to catch tha player and if they don´t see you anymore should loose interest. You know loosing limps and such things does slow you down a bit^^ Of course there could be exceptions. Maybe ghoul hunting packs, a group of vampires and such things.

Orcs, ok they do love to fight. Thats granted. But even they should not run after some mercs forever. You know they have to raid and eat longpigs and so on. So their following radius should be much bigger than that of a raider group but not unlimited.

So when a group follows you for too long or too far they should go back to their daily buisness.

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