Reply To: Undead Orcs

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Wïedergangers. :P Poetically translated it can be phrased as ‘those who walk again’. That was how the thought occurred to me. I wondered whether the necromancers didn’t raise Orc bodies, raised them with human models or raised them as Orcs and I just hadn’t found any. They’d be similar, though different from living Orcs, just like human undead. No charge, speed, aggression, stun, perks, etc. Their presence would also be limited to geography and battles from which they were raised.

Yeah, that would work. It’s not difficult to make the fluff sound logical. For example orc bones could be to heavy for the spells to work properly. Or orcs possess a natural resistance against magic, even in death.

In my understanding necromancers were human before they switch. As former humans they can connect and control only former humans. Orcs are too alien for them.
They have different aura and its just simply to for necromancers to control things that they can’t grasp.
Notice that they can’t also reanimate ghouls and their control over them are limited.

Those are both ways they could rationalise it if they don’t want to use it or parts of it. There’s no lore on it that I’ve seen yet, it’s more a matter of whether adding it is a good idea and if so, whether doing it is feasible.