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Orcish Wieder… Fleshy Undead (German is a hard language to spell!) seems like it must ultimately be a necessity.

Wiedergänger is the german word for the living dead. Though they could have just used the english word revenant. It also hurts my eyes when I see english speaking people writing words like wiederg a nger or zweih a nder (which simply does mean two-handed sword nothing fancy so why bother with a word they can´t even spell right?). I know your keyboard does not have ä, ö and ü. They would be simply written this way ae, oe and ue.

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>OMG, Malthus, there are no damn paladins in Battle Brothers...<
"OK, OK! Then I´m a wrecked down minstrel drunkard pretending to be a paladin, singing so wrong in the midst of battle that even the undead run in fear... Better?!"