Reply To: Suggestions For Game

Avatar photothenewromance

Firstly let me first give thanks to the developers and their team for making this excellent game which didn’t need fancy graphics and lots of HDD space.

Here are my suggestions for the game. My apologies if there are any repeats of suggestions made by others.

1) Pre Battle
– Deployment / Position Phase of Combatants (only if attacking, if attacked or ‘surprised’ not available)
—Currently game has auto positioning for open field being a shield line with archers and billhooks behind. I find the positioning of the 2H wielders sometimes not suitable as they are always together so a manual option to position combatants would be an idea.

– Formations (some fixed suggested formations
— Just a thought if manual deployment is considered.

2) Statistics for each mercenary’s kills
– ie. Raiders x 25, Young Orcs x 52, Orc Warriors x 31 etc.
—This also could be linked to certain special titles or other rewards should the developers see fit for consideration

No. 2 is already mentioned on the Battle Brothers website (IIRC). I’m pretty sure deployment has also been confirmed already. :)