Reply To: Support on strategic level

Avatar photoSarissofoi

That is good to hear.
Do you consider also option that bigger parties are much more visible to smaller one?
So small party even slower can just notice bigger enemy party and run from it before get spotted?

I thought about four factors that can influence enemy Party behaviour.
#Werewolfs hunt for food they don’t care about possible wealth. They choose easiest target first but avoid stronger parties.
#Scout parties have mission to gather information. They avoid fight, unless enemy is much weaker but they don’t pursuit it long because mission first.
#Raiding Bandits parties attack all targets of opportunity but avoid stronger parties. They come here to get rich not get killed.
#Orcs look more to prove themselves than get rich. They will look for fight and they can be quite persistent in pursuit.
#Undead priority mission first. they tend to ignore hostile parties that pose no danger to the mission. When their mission is simply kill that guy and you are the guy they will stalk you forever.

### Conquistador was good game but with small replay ability value. Not mention that later battles get repetitive. The little choice in customization or lack proper equipment didn’t help too.