Reply To: The Greenskin Menace

Avatar photoSarissofoi

#Bring shields. Grab better one or bring spare.
#Spear wall can be useful for a moment but only against young ones. Against heavies it will tire you and leave you to exhausted to fight.
#Try to get higher grounds and flank with two handed swords. Split work great.
#Bring axes if you want, bigger one for splitting shields fast.
#Maces have good dmg and work well against armour. Also give enemy fatigue. Tired orc will have less chance to kill you or raise his shield.
#Did I mention shields? bring a lot of good ones.
#’Rally the troops is essential’ against older orcs. Get two officers who have it(it get nerfed).
#Bring spare weapon. Adult orcs have tons of heavy armour. Low level tier weapons break fast.
#Young one and berserkers can dish some dmg but die easily. Adults can tons of dmg and stay alive forever.
#Crossbow or experienced archer will help. Veteran archer with spare arrows and with 6 offensive perks can go medieval on orcs from close range.