Reply To: Weapon durability

Avatar photoSarissofoi

The Quality of item can be distinguished by colour of weapon. For example:
#Crude Sword is bronze
#Normal is grey.
#Fine is silver.

Durability of some weapons is the most important right now.
Maybe you can change a current durability system? Just a idea.
#Weapon that have some durability points behave fine.
#Weapon on zero 0% become dull version(lower stats) and have chance to break with attacks.
#Fix weapon from zero % to 1% cost some additional tools.

I would much more prefer just have more durable version of current weapons. Rare and costly.

BTW Personally I really like difference between Short sword and Falchion. One is little better against armour other have little damage. Kinda like side upgrade not forward. Can we get more weapons like that?