Reply To: Weapon durability

Avatar photomrbunnyban

Different qualities for weapons was something we were discussing a while back, but we’ve decided to go instead with distinct tiers for every weapon type. So instead of having a Masterwork Handaxe with a few points more of damage or similar miniscule differences, we’ll have a clear progression from Hatchet -> Hand Axe -> Fighting Axe where it’s very apparent from just looking at the weapon how good it is. You’re equpping 12+ people in this game, so comparing a dozen items looking almost identical and having only very minor differences probably wouldn’t work out to the player’s favor in the long run. If you take into account the fatigue costs, it may even make sense to deliberately go with lower-tier weapons as backup as not to overly burden yourselves, just like you wouldn’t necessarily go with the heaviest of armors all the time. There are quite a few gaps in weapon progression currently in the game but we’ll fill them up as we go along.

This sounds sensible to me. Personally, I’m not a big fan of different quality of the same weapon (crude-normal-fine-masterwork) because it becomes a huge grind-fest or hunt for that elusive Masterwork Full plate of the Whale or King’s Broadsword of Haste. That’ll get pretty tedious when you have 12 people to equip. There’s plenty of progression and rewards within the game as it is.

A top tier Noble sword breaking against two orcs sounds a bit brittle too me. I couldn’t kill anything with my spears before they broke against the undead hordes in the Defending the Hill, but apparently undead are supposed to be like that since they self rezz and come in large spawns.

Keeping on topic, anyone else want to give their 2 cents on the current weapon durability?