Reply To: Suggestion: Quest Stacking, Increased Rewards

Avatar photomrbunnyban

I’m expecting this to be less of an issue when quests are made more diverse, with greater variety in the amount they pay. I think that holding multiple contracts is also planned, though I might be conflating it with UI design.

Enemies spawning for quests is something I’d definitely like to avoid if possible, since one of the game’s strengths is how it plays fair like that.

Spawning enemies which target the caravan isn’t unheard of. M&B does that as well… just that the enemies will usually run when they see your large army, haha. (Gosh, need to stop comparing to M&B)

It could just be that the costs of maintaining the army are too prohibitive right now, at least for the game as is. I think that’s pretty valuable feedback for the dev team. We’ll have to wait and see if there are supports introduced to help maintain that army in the later versions of the game.