Reply To: Weapon durability

Avatar photoBinkus

I think the weapon durability needs a rework and the bags and belts

not saying it is awful but it sort of flies in the face of reality

so a guy back in the day armed with his Primary weapon a spear or pole arm or missile weapon

also has a secondary weapon or side arm (which is usually a sword or axe etc a one handed back up weapon

the above is key to understanding the combat, a sword (one handed) was very rarely a Primary weapon i.e one you charge into battle with (unless you watch too many films) they were side arms, you had them at your side so you could go about life with both hands free to do stuff.

so this said your historical guy has his primary weapon out lets say a spear, this gives him a range advantage over swords etc however when stabbing or thrusting a parrying sword is going to do far more damage to his spear shaft than a mace would

so what i am saying is hitting Armour or people is generally what weapons are made to do the effect on the enemy weapon on the durability is really what is going on here so a sword would be devastating against things with a wooden handle, but a axe blocking a spear with its own shaft would have very little damage to the weapon

this goes to the bags and belts i am thinking the side arm should be another slot which is far fast to access than a 4 point action