Reply To: Defense Skill Tree Discussion

Avatar photoMeeky

Since we’ve yet to add more range-oriented enemies with the goblins, who could pose a serious problem for a build that specialized, we’ll probably leave Nimble alone for now. The Swordmaster, like most backgrounds, will also receive some fitting events on the worldmap, which in his case could mean that age catches up with him.

That’s probably best. I’ll post again once I fight Goblins. Like I said, the build is really specialized, and in order for it to deal with ranged units there has to be someone else to do that or it needs to run up into their faces ASAP. (Which it can because it ignores melee attacks.)
I’m also wondering what the chances of a Spear-wielding opponent with high attack are of hitting this sort of build. I don’t know the exact math behind to-hit calculations, and I haven’t seen many high level opponents wielding spears…
Also, I just checked to see what sort of armor this guy can tote. Wielding his favored weapon (a Noble Sword), he can wear basic mail with 84 fatigue. I can put him in some decently heavy armor (lamellar harness) and he’ll have 77 fatigue. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but this is with his helmet being -7 fatigue.