Reply To: A Minor Fix and Some Ideas:

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2) You will be able to hire blacksmiths and healers as no-combat companions who speed up the repairing and healing. Of course they cost you crowns every day.

3) From what I understand, there will be Battle Sisters. Could be still some way down the road though.

4) Well, if you were a traveling band of heroes that would make sense. But we’re all mercenaries here, it wouldn’t quiet fit the style. But you might be able the level up your no-combat companions instead.

5) What should they do instead? Not running away? Maybe enemies could retreat by reaching the maps border, so archers/leftovers can leave when the odds turn against them. Thus the battle would be over faster. Imo it’s fine the way it is now.

6) This was suggested before and the devs have taken note of it. The entire world map should allow more interaction.

7) It’s all work progress. Map size will increase.

8) Yes, that’s being worked on, too.

9) I’d prefer the weapon durability the way it is now. You can always carry a secondary weapon with you if you think that your first weapon will break.

10) I’ve heard about bola-lassos for the Goblins. Might be wrong though.

11) Yes, the end game is currently work in progress, like pretty much everything else. There will tougher enemies, the invasion of a greater evil and the hunt for legendary artifacts to keep you entertained.

12) Leveling up your resolve could help. True, there are not many enemies in the game yet that attack your morale, but there will be.

13) Maybe~