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One thing I’d like to chime in:

Combat in turn-based games is a bit of an abstraction. You see one hit (one skill use), but it could well be representative of multiple swings and such. I’m not sure if that applies to Battle Brothers, but a lot of other turn-based RPG games work along these lines.

Also, depending on who is swinging the weapon, it IS feasible for armor to be veritably useless. For instance, if you’ve got someone charging across the battlefield wearing chainmail at a guy wielding a pike, yeah: that pike can probably just stab right through those links. Orcish warrior hefting a massive axe with a lot of momentum behind it? Yeah, probably going to hurt; probably going to crush a knight’s breastplate into his chest and cave his ribs in even if it doesn’t BREAK the armor.

I think the armor system works. It’s realistic enough. You won’t get a perfect armor system without making the game too complicated, IMO. I can go into detail as to what I mean, but I’ll only do so if requested.

About the map…

I can agree that the map needs more work in general. I think it will be receiving a lot of attention, and I’ve heard word from the devs in their posts that there will be easier ways to hunt down camps that spawn enemies. This may be a reference to whatever NPC is increasing vision range, but I hope it’s going to include some sort of basic tracking system or perhaps some signs of movement in the woods via birds flying out of the trees or something. I also believe more adventure sites and the like will be added? And the Steam forums has a post from a developer saying that they’ll have churches eventually, so there’s going to be some variation in what’s in the world.