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First of all I dont want to insult anyone, the kiss ass part was only ment for me. I dont want to hype a game that needs severe improvements in a lot of areas thats all. Im enyojing the game and everyone else is free to enjoy it as well. However ignoring problems just because a game is EA is wrong, how are you expecting developers to actually improve major parts of the game if you are unwilling to mention the bad things about it. Constructive ctriticism is always better, then not speaking up because it may improve later down the line if we are lucky.

Now regarding armor, its true that armor and weapons degrade with use but its also important to note that they dont turn badly this fast. Armor can withstand severe punishment without much problem, chainmail for example has near perfect resistens against slasching weapons and degrades really slow when attacked by them. The only weapon capable of damaging chainmail to any severe extent I know of are 2-H axe like weapons, and even they would mostly cut through 1 or 2 rings and dent 4 more and thats it. They would however kill or maime you through with the sheer force of their blow, wich is why I mentioned armor negating damage in the first place.
Now looking at Orks, first of they are humanoid and very well build, however we can only speculate about their real strength and even then strengh alone is worthless in a fight technic is far more important. I am however going to asume that an average warrior Orc would be as strong if not stronger then a top human body builder. The same aplies to weight, it dosent matter how heavy a weapon is it only matters how fast it is. The formula for kinetic energy is E= 1/2M*V^2.
And regarding the dented chestplate argument, a hardend chestplate properly angled would either deflect a cutting weapon compleatly or bend mildly at best because a plate distributes force very evenly across its surface. Also Turn based combat may be abstract to some degree but not in this game, all regular attacks are either body or head blows depending the circumstances, meaning that our carecters are actually braindead idiots attacking the most protected areas of their opponents bodys. The only time they dont do it is with the “go for the gaps” abillity witch atually is the only way in wich swords and spears in reality
can be usefull against armor at all. Thats why I want this abillity for thouse wepons.

Once again I dont want to insult anyone, I like the game but it definetly needs a lot of work.