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I’m certainly not insulted, and I think you’ve got the right idea: be honest about your opinions so as to make a better game. I just happen to disagree with some of them.

Yes, the formula for kinetic energy involves speed. Strength factors into speed. A big, strong orc that has been bred and trained for war will know where to strike and how to strike and also will strike very hard and very fast. Ergo: lots of momentum, lots of kinetic energy, and all that energy applied in what is probably a bad spot to be hit. That’s my assumption when I face off against orcs, but then we only ever see their war camps.

Also Turn based combat may be abstract to some degree but not in this game, all regular attacks are either body or head blows depending the circumstances, meaning that our carecters are actually braindead idiots attacking the most protected areas of their opponents bodys.

…and they do that because combat is an abstraction to some degree. It’s a simplification of real-world combat. The “body” represents the entirety of the enemy that isn’t the head; the “head” represents the head and probably the neck region as well. There are, after all, helmets that give you additional armor by providing padding to the neck and the face. Etc.

Essentially, you’re critiquing an abstraction. It’s fine that you want it to be more realistic, but I’m of the opinion that it might get in the way of things.

Now, if you want to tackle realism, I’d point to the Perfect Focus perk. I’ve got an archer that sometimes shoots 12 arrows in the time span it takes a normal archer to shoot 2, each of those arrows doing as much damage as the two shots the other guy makes, if not more. Pretty unrealistic. (And if someone says “Lars Anderson” I will slap you with a chicken. Yes, I will bring a chicken to your actual house and beat you over the head with it.)