Reply To: Gameflow: How you end up playing?

Avatar photoQuidman

For my part, I made 4 games.

For the first two I just randomly select guy with good narrative background, and select what perks seems good without thinking too much about it. Most of the time, I chose skill depending on the character previous stats, wich lead to a very various team, with each of each guy’s having a different build with no global logic.

The first game endend up pretty quickly the first time I encounter Orc warriors (It was my first time encountering them, a group describe as “slightly weaker”). They break throug my formation. And I try to last, and finaly flee with only one guys, and with pretty much no money or so…. and who dies on his way to a village, unable to escape from bandits.

The second team, pretty much on the same way stand long. Only one Loss in 80 days! This time I took better care of money and food to avoid desertion, buy more shield and armor before buying new members. And even my throwaways surprinsignly didn’t dies (the only one who dies was in fact an really precious archer with really good stats and all, but orcs warriors break through…) I stop a few time after, just because I wanted to try something else.

The third team was the min/max option, with carefully build team… and it wasn’t that good (I’m really bad at min/maxing) but still, I manage to lead a really good team with all character to Level 11. 2 archer, 3 hammer/spear/Cleaver/shield/heavy armor guys (mostly defense tree, quick hand, sundering strikes, pathfinder), 3 Axes/shield and 2handed weapons (mostly offense tree, with quick hand). Two captain (with rally the troops) one with a billhook/mace/shield, the other sword/mace/shield and taunt (wich never effectivly work, sadly. He was almost never attack while taunting…). And the two last, where my jack of all trade. Axes/shield/billhook/crosbow, with both offense and utilities tree, and battle forged/brawny.

I build that team as a build almost specific to orcs, because they are by far the only foe that I feared (I mean by that, high fatigue/shield/sundering/lot of axes and hammer/armor/…) And it worked well! Too well that it quickly became boring, as I always played the same way, turtling (rotation is really a good perks!), waiting opponent, cleaning light armored or archer guys with mine archers. Shielding and rallying often.

the team worked pretty well, I reach level 11 very quickly with all my guys. Early game, I only do caravan quest, never leaving roads until I could afford good weapons and armor for at least 2/3 of my team. And then assaulting bandits and undead camps (for these one, I always have a second set of lighter armor, to have much more fatigue, so I just wait them to come dying against y spear wall. And then running to kill the necromancer. And since I’m turtling around my archer, vampire never really are much of a problem).

And now, my last team, wich will wait a few time to being played, since I already played too much of this game and I’m running late on my works. A vinking teams. Wich by that mean only shirt/mail/lamellar armor, only round (and may be kite) shield. Lot’s of axes/spear/sword, and less mace and hammer, a few javelins, not the best helmet. I want to see how much time I can last like that, and how to adapt perks to these condition.