Reply To: Skills: Passive gain, weapons/equipments and perks

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I completely agree with not gaining passive stats in battle in an easy to farm manner. One direction passive stat gain could be taken would be through training in camp (which I believe is being implemented in some way in the future).

If passive stat gain were gained while training in camp on the strategic world map, there would be trade-offs to using the system. While training, you would be immobile and unable to loot hideouts, complete contracts, etc. You would also be paying your troops with food and crowns during this time.

I usually feel safer traveling around the map during the day. I feel more likely to outrun a tough fight during the day. So if the camp training was implemented, I could see myself stopping at a town in the evening and training up my troops knowing I will have some militia to help win a desperate fight in that location. I may also decide to camp (and train my troops in this manner) for the night before raiding a hideout if I feel I would have the archer advantage.

Some form of passive stat gain could be beneficial to character progression. By having a limited number of chances to gain stats, I find myself only leveling up the same three stats on each character mostly. If I did not feel this hard cap on skill gain, I may go for a more balanced leveling progression (I would have more choices).

Passive skill gain on the strategic map (camping) may also be easier to balance. Getting too many super-troopers? Decrease the stat gain. Too many characters gaining too high of a value in any particular stat? Perhaps a Battle Brother can only gain points to the point of the highest value on the team.

I’m just pitching a few ideas into the pot. I have not thought hard on these, considered balance in a meaningful way, etc. I love the game so far, and trust the devs to continue with their vision. I would like minor passive stat gain though so thought I would speak up.