Reply To: I want this game to succeed (Feedback to devs)


So, all of my battle brothers 11 level…and I carry out the mission to destroy the orcish fortress for 4800 crowns without losing anyone…I think, I have a right to Express my General opinion on the game? :)
Firstly, I note the following game is perfect. I love it. And all that I will say “I don’t like” – is I just want this game just got even better – because it deserves more than any other game.
So – “not very well” :
1. The actual overstated the impact of randomization on the success of the action, don’t get me wrong – I understand, that this adds the game element of surprise and danger, but 4 strikes with an axe the probability of 80 % passing miss – is too even for me… honest :)
2. An attack on some game objects ( for example – the fortress of the orcs)- I’m starting as an ambush, the orcs around me – despite the fact that the initiator of the attack is Me – in my opinion it is not logical.
3. 11 level – very little. in the sense that I can’t do the captain is still a good fighter, why? he just doesn’t have enough levels on leadership and cutting off heads berserk and killing frenzy – it is looks like he is not the real captain :) not nordistic!
4. I think in the initial stages of the game when many battle brothers get serious cuffs from enemies and forced to spend several days to repair equipment and treatment it would be wise to be able to todate this time safe in the castle or the city.This will be realistic.
Everything else… is already at the level of wishful thinking – I don’t think now is the time to ask the developers more armor and weapons, cavalry, opportunities to build own camp, multi-level quests, the appearance of grin on the faces of the brothers after the successful killing and stuff – now there are far more important they care. Some random events are worth – this is a very interesting idea and we need to realize – and it is really hard. Good luck. I am with you and this wonderful game.