Reply To: Abuse Or Intended – A discussion about possible exploits.


While I personally do enjoy the ‘ironman’ mode for this particular game, I think it is the right choice of the developrs not to enforce it. I do not play ironman in many games, but here it did not even occur to me to reload at any point until I read about it in the forum. I had way too much fun to deal with what I got.

Still, everybody to their own likes. Why not reload after you got bad rolls during a level-up, or after you lost that one dearly loved battle brother to the undead horde? If people like to play that way, I do not see why they should not. It hurts nobody.

Luring raiding bands into castle patrols or viallages to get their help is a bit different, though.
Because in my opinion, there is a lot of potential here to include it into the game as a proper feature. Maybe it is already underway, even.
What I mean is, that castle patrols and city militia can currently support you in a fight – but they can also make it worse. You know what I mean once you had a few necromancers raise all those well equiped soldiers during an attack of the undead, or after that one orc berserker who had slipped from your overview feasted on the townsfolk before taking on your soldiers.

But there is even more. If I understood this correctly, villages will prosper or degenerate based on the number of caravans that make it through, as well as how often they are raided. If drawing the enemy into a town to get help from their militia means that their losses will also affect the overall town wealth and their ability to defend themselves, I will surely think twice before I do that again. But at the same time, it still stays a valid option, especially for tough fights.

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