Reply To: Abuse Or Intended – A discussion about possible exploits.

Avatar photoSekata

Greetings fellow Hauptmänners!

Wouldn’t it be of use for the dev team if we as community would discuss a bit about possible ABUSES and/or EXPLOITS in the game? I could imagine it would.

1) SAVESCUMING – Lost a battle / mercenary? A lvlup wasn’t as good as a roll as you wanted it to be? Well, you could simply save every time before something like this could happen and reload and try again. You can ALT + DEL and just reload the autosave currently. Hire a mercenary and if the traits are bad, just load etc. etc.

2) LURING – Just lure enemy battlegroups into the castle / city / villages / towers and using the milita / landsknechts to fight, tank and die for you. You get all the loot btw.
Any more YOU have encountered and / or thought of and tested it? Feel free to write it down here.

Happy pillaging!

As far as re-loading to re-hire a different mercenary, i’m not sure that’s an exploit. I would imagine that the full game would feature the ability to let members go from the group, so reloading for a hire is more of an unfortunate stop-gap.