Reply To: a couple questions

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First of all, it is fantastic to know that some people create game in good style: “We are devoted to making excellent games that we want to play ourselves”. This should be obvious for everyone, but many developers don’t know about this approach, and we see over 99.99% one-time (non replayable) games.
In my opinion there is much more to discover using rogue-like replayability in strategy games, even with simple 2-d graphics, without animations.

I’ve played Battle for Wesnoth, which has similar climate to Battle Brothers, and I must say that BfW is good game, but lacks one essential thing – campaigns which can be played in permadeath style. In almost every scenario there are rigid events (non random). When player know about this constant elements then campaign is going to be easy or boring.
It looks like Battle Brothers will be different in this matter.

Regarding save scumming. When game is made in good style then player don’t have to use save scumming. He/she explores and learns the game, and makes private decision about speed of gradual progress, based on experience of playing. Every information, how to accomplish specific campaign (or all game) is contained in game’s world. Not in author’s “secret garden”.