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Minor things you can easily find out but I’ll put it here in case useful to anyone
==> It takes exactly 4 days for inventory in store & recruits available to refresh/shuffle.
==> the refresh triggers at beginning of a day(the 4th day)
==> items sold to store will disappear after the refresh
==> after the refresh, the items/recruit is NOT determined until you enter the building/castle. This is useful if you want a shield with Unicorn symbol but you don’t want to wait like, 40 days.
==> the date of refresh might differ for different locations, but goods and recruits in same location always have same refresh date
==> Before you engage/join a battle, your scout will speak gibberish. I’ve translated it for you.
a few = 2~3
some = 4~6
many = 7~10

Gaiz… I’ve never thought about this until now.

How do you discard an item?
(I don’t mean selling it, well I don’t mind selling it but there’s no convenient store deep in the mountains)