Reply To: Frozen Time


>> These fights won’t be over in 80 seconds, but 10-15 minutes for a medium sized battle (12-12) with good armor on both sides sounds realistic. The largest battles would probably take 30 minutes at most, including hunting down routing units (i.e. finding that last archer).
This is EXACTLY what I think. That’s why I keep thinking that a 10~20 minutes battle has some chance for reinforcements or enemy scouts to join battle, depending on the battle location. Even if we put aside all these random encounters about being discovered by another enemy unit amidst battle, at least the enemy base and enemy should reinforce their friend if you bash him right in front of their eyes (or visible range), where the distance is 20 minutes walk or less.

Yup, it’s already works in the game like this. Having reinforcements appear on the edge of the map, instead of starting out in the center might be implemented at some point. Similar when you are aiding a battle, that has been going on for a while, and you start a few hexes away from the front line.

So I suggest to slightly modify the AI if possible, which is more viable.

I expect that we’ll see a slight change in the AI behaviour eventually so that it’ll attack with multiple groups that are individually weaker than you, but stronger combined. This could result in bases sending out troops to help, if the AI feels like it would tip the scales.

I think we can all agree on this. The AI has to become a bit smarter concerning their troop movements.