Reply To: Larger more epic map please

Avatar photoRusBear

I am too the type of players, that consider a variety of guns “work” is mandatory for RPG games.I also think that the presence of 1-2 weapons of each type in games-it’s just a matter of laziness of developers. Need balancity, draw models, meshes, customized animation. Of course the majority of devs do not wants to do it and tells us about the futility of the same 10 axes. And I want 10 of the same axes in performance, but with handles from a different tree – is perfectly.
But most important is that : I’ll be very happy to see this in our wonderful game. But we all understand now that the developers have a much higher priority, larger and more important for the development of the game in general. For future replay value. May there be many weapons, but when the game will already have everything planned out gameplay improvements.