Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers

Avatar photoJaffai

My purpose wasnt to insult you in anyway. When I was using “you”, I didnt mean you as Manaseed but like “us”. So there is no reason to be offended.

Its usually more rewarding to talk about the game balance if “you” think yourself commander for both sides. What if I do this, what are choices for the other army? And not, if I do this. AI will always do that.

As I said, I think archers are fine atm. But scripting needs work. Im not saying it would be nice to have AI calculating every possible move and be almost imposible to beat but I wish it gave more challenge to player and it wouldnt be so easy to learn its patterns. But in theory it might be bad idea to script AI to be too good with ranged men. It could be frustrating to some people to play the game anymore.

For example. The first battle. Other side has 4 poorly skilled melee guys and one archer. And other side has one swordmaster with heater shield, sword and leather armor. Which side is going to win the battle? Which ever side player is playing on. With swordmaster you can take high ground and just wait,use shieldwall and riposte to kill melee guys (as they will engage you) while AIs archer is badly positioned. If player is on other side just take high ground again and its easy win again.

I did the earlier example in one of my games. I kicked founding members and just hired one swordmaster and first battle was easy win. Which should have been imposible to win.