Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers

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We need an enthusiast to do this experiment:

1) backup your save or make a new save slot

2) Find a bandit group, kill all but keep one melee bandit. Then retreat from battle.

3) Kick all brothers but keep 2 brothers with similar stats, which also have at least one unspent perk point respectively. Make them wear same equipment and learn Taunt.

4) Save the game. Surround the melee bandit with 2 brothers. Make sure they have same distance with each other. Either brother uses Taunt and see the result.

5) Run this simulation several times. Either brother use shieldwall or wear heavier armor to see if their disinterest effect outweigh the attraction effect of Taunt.

WELL, that’s what I wanted to say….. but I’ve done this experiment myself. Because Jaffai’s experience is hinting me a hypothesis, I wanna find out if it’s true.

1) you probably need high resolve for this perk to have noticeable effect ==> the 2 brothers in experiment have 100 resolve respectively (probably the highest you can get, Adventurous Noble + Fearless Trait + 30 resolve stats growth). If I remember correctly, I’ve tried Taunt with 50 resolve but it has almost no effect at all. But at that time I wasn’t performing experiment so I didn’t pay much attention to the details.

2) its effect is probably very small (even at 100 resolve) ==> when two brothers with similar stats & equipment have equal distance with enemy, the enemy will always attack the Taunting brother. But when a brother uses shieldwall, enemy will always choose another brother even if the former brother uses Taunt. The effect of Taunt if probably small and can be easily outweighed by other factors.

My experiment results might be not very accurate as I didn’t run the simulation more than 7~8 times, because I’ve no faith in this perk at all. I hope this helps anyone who still believes in this perk in some way.