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Hey there, here are some quick ones:

1. Lack of documentation:
True :)

2. Empty map/lack of direction:
We havent scheduled it yet but are already working on the planning and design of a big worldmap redesign. This will include the size, factions, layout and basically everything on the map :) Cant give you any details yet though.

3. Racial (lack of) diversity:
As others already stated there wont be elves, dwarves or orcs fighting for the player. Our plan is to include more human cultures in future add ons depending on their setting (Scandinavian, Eastern, Arabic, North Africa etc)

4. Character Development:
Regarding the perks there are so many different oppionions flying around, we have to do some intense playtesting and judge for ourselves. One person says: This Perk is the bomb! While the next one says: Its totally useless!

5. Quest variety/limit/payout:
The contract system will get a big rework with our worldmap redesign and the event system and reputation system.

6. Tactical combat issues:
The range of weapons and sights plays out pretty well in my personal oppionion. You may be able to recruit “enemy” human characters through events, but thats not in yet.
Documentation will be improved when we finally get to put in a right-click-info-window on all enemies, where you can hover over their skills and status effects to get some more intel. HP numbers will never been shown though, thats a conscious design decision by us.

7. Bugs/glitches:
I think you have to adjust the camera height level with “+” and “-” keys. When you lower the camera hills will get “cut off” and the characters standing on those tiles will be represented by small icons.


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