Reply To: Amazing game: Some suggestions for improvement

Avatar photoJago

1. Lack of documentation:
There is very little ingame. This may be due to the early access status or financial resource driven. But there has to be a bit more. In the least, there can be PDF files or even webpages where basic stuff can be listed. I know that you are promoting a Wikipa site for this, but even there most of the stuff is missing. Where exactly am I going to find even the most rudimentary stuff like what undead units possess in terms of abilities? Why do they keep resurrecting, and how do I make them stop doing so?

You are right. I’ll see if I can update the “Factions” on the Wikia in the next few days.
On second thought, I don’t really what to add. You can already find most info on the “Monster” page.

3. Racial (lack of) diversity:

I know that you are aiming for a low magic, low fantasy world, and that funds are limited. Still, could you reconsider implementing Elves/Dwarves at some point in the future? You already have Orcs/Goblins/undead; so excluding Elves/Dwarves seem fairly arbitrary, unless there is an absolute financial necessity. The latter two races will so dramatically enhance game atmosphere, tactics, and ultimately replayability.

Does High-Fantasy even has a clear definition? There are Elves and Dwarves in the Witcher series, but I’d still consider it as low-fantasy, mostly because it has such a realistic, grim-dark medieval setting.