Reply To: Neither generalist nor specialist: A "Hybrid" approach to team building

Avatar photoInvictus73

Primary Stats: stamina, melee attack, melee defence
Secondary Stats: health, range defence
(When increasing stats, don’t put more then a 100 attack or defence. You shouldn’t need it)

You may be right about this: In fact, 90 may be all you need. I find my 110 Melee Defense Swordmaster (120 or so with Inspiring Presence?) gets hit just as much as my 92 Melee Defense version. Further, someone also posted that pushing it over 90 doesn’t boost your avoidance chance.

3-4 Sellswords Of Doom
Fast Adaption, Sundering Strikes, Executioner, Bullseye, Close Combat Archer, Perfect Focus, Bags And Belts, Pathfinder, Quick Hands, Battle Flow
Hunting Bow, Noble Sword, Heater Shield, Billhook, Arrow Quiver x2, Chain Mail Shirt, Closed Mail Coif

Hmmm, Battle Flow really lets you get that many shots off? Hmmm. Perhaps I should switch out Brawny then.

I will experiment with it on my melee DPS guys as well.

1 Adventurous Noble Of Doom
Battle Forged, Hold Out, Colossus, Rotate, Bags And Belts, Pathfinder, Quick Hands, Brawny, Captain, Rally

Primary Stats: resolve, melee defence
Secondary Stats: stamina, melee attack, range attack

Crossbow, Mace, Heater Shield, Billhook, Bolt Quiver x2, Coat Of Scale, Kettle Helm

This build requires 65+ starting resolve. Which means you will need to find an adventurous noble with either fearless or brave. The Adventurous Noble Of Doom has only one job: keep your archers shooting. Rotate is their for emergencies.

Why do you need 65+ starting Resolve? Explain a bit more? Perhaps a better question is: What final number are you trying to reach?