Reply To: Neither generalist nor specialist: A "Hybrid" approach to team building

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Also, you should be more specific about the term “best team”. Best offense team, best defense team, best overall team, best begin-to-end team, best foolproof/amateur team.

A fair point. I should have been more precise. My definition of “best,” since I am a synthesizer or blender or moderate in all things, would be something like: The approach that best blends survival and killing power or offense and defense?

Information is never enough. But maybe it’s time for some statistics and concentrated summaries with bullet points.

Yeah, screenshots of my character stats and select battle summaries would be useful. For instance, Mashed Zombie says melee DPS guys are either too fragile or cannot DPS, but I strongly disagree. One battle summary screen that shows that one of my “bersekers” did 4000 damage in six rounds (with no one on the team incurring any damage) would bely his claim, for instance. Unfortunately, print screen is broken for my keyboard at the moment, so those will have to wait.

DPS wise, I think 10 more melee skill can’t compensate the difference in 20 max fatigue (15 fatigue cost for one hit with 2h weapon). One more hit makes a superb difference if you have Battle Flow. Also, you don’t need that much melee skill due to upper limit of chance to hit (95%). Dps build does deal more dmg today, if they survived the whole day.


You need it. Even 110 melee skill doesn’t give 90% chance against enemy shieldwall. HOWEVER, you might not have spare stat points for that, if your build is not offense build.

But what about Melee Defense? Please post ASAP before I delete all my Swordmasters! ;)