Reply To: Amazing game: Some suggestions for improvement

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>> The vision penalty from helmets is presumably because it obscures your vision. When it’s dark it’s harder to see further – why would those two penalties stack together?
Eh??? Σ(゜ロ゜;)
Weird…. I was thinking why wouldn’t these two penalties stack together. Did I miss something?
Let’s assume full helmet does obscure vision seriously, like what it suggests in game. I thought it would be something like this
wearing glasses with wrong prescription (-5 vision) + being in dirty water(-5 vision) + at night(-5 vision) ≈ vision penalty 14~16
The three factors are independent factors thus the final effect should be more or less simple addition?

Narrow sight of view(full helm) should has nothing to do with brightness/darkness of the environment, right? So can they stack?