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>> One battle summary screen that shows that one of my “bersekers” did 4000 damage in six rounds (with no one on the team incurring any damage)
>> I think you misinterpreted me, though the failure lies likely with the writer and not the reader. I think you read me to mean that the rest of my brethren did no damage; but what I meant to say was that none of my brethren took damage.

What I understood: One of your team members managed to deal 4000 damage within the duration of six rounds, while none of your member has taken any damage in any form.

That’s why I said one of my brothers has dealt 2550 damage in a battle for his personal record. Did I miss something again? Don’t worry, I can tell your attitude is very friendly (a little too friendly though… it’s suspicious)

>> Yeah, but what’s the final Resolve number you are trying to reach? It seems to me that’s more important than the starting number, unless you won’t increase it any further at level ups. I am confused.

Everytime you increase Resolve stat, you get 2~4 resolve. So you get +20~40 resolve from lv1 to lv11.

Starting number affects final number a lot. Do you think you have good chance to get high final Resolve if you have low initial Resolve?
Let’s say I have 65 initial resolve and you have 44 initial resolve.
My min final resolve = 65 + 20 = 85
Your max final resolve = 44 + 40 = 84

You can’t win me despite fortune favors you, if I have high starting Resolve.

>> I did read that post. But I still don’t understand what you are trying to say.

Well my communication sucks a lot. I will try to rephrase my sentences with my communication ski-
Arghh…. O|¯|_ nevermind. I’ll try my best.

I performed an experiment about “chance to get hit with different melee defense”. I gathered 6 Orc Youngs around a brother and jot down the statistics as they try to hit him. Of course I saved the game before I increase his melee defense or run the experiment.

When my brother has 92 melee defense, orc youngs have about 5% (7 connected hit / 130 attempted hit) chance to hit me.
When my brother has 80 melee defense, orc youngs have about 6% (12 connected hit / 180 attempted hit) chance to hit me.
When my brother has 68 melee defense, orc youngs have about 11% (14 connected hit / 126 attempted hit) chance to hit me.

Special Notes:
This experiment is not being performed in the most accurate way. Enemy might inflict “Overwhelmed” status on us, just like how we did to them. The overwhelmed status affects chance to hit. To make sure data collected is extremely precise, I should ONLY let one orc young hit me at a time. But that’s too time consuming so I didn’t do it. I simply let 6 orc youngs to attack me at the same time, so the final result might include “overwhelmed” effect.

Conclusion, the data collected actually represents chance to get hit WHEN BEING SURROUNDED, but doesn’t truly represent chance to get hit. But I expect every player is going to use this information for their tanker, which is meant to be surrounded.

>> Since minimum chance to hit is five percent, and 92 Melee Defense got you there, you do not need to increase it higher?
It’s true orc young has about 5% chance to hit you when you have 92 melee def….
But I haven’t tried 91 melee def!!!! щ(ºДºщ)
Who knows if 91 doesn’t yield the similar result?
I’ve only tried 92, 80, 68   O|¯|_
I know it’s kinda misleading….   O|¯|_
You might think I’ve tried value between 68~92   O|¯|_
But if someone have really tried all the value between 68~92, he must be insane insanely enthusiastic!!! щ(ºДºщ)
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To answer your question, you don’t need higher melee def than 92 when being surrounded by Orc Youngs. But different enemies might have different chance to hit, maybe orc youngs are the ones with very low accuracy? Haha, funny isn’t it. I don’t how accurate is orc young among all enemies. But I think if enemy uses sword type weapon, their chance to hit will increases by 10%, just like us.
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To answer your purpose behind your question, I don’t know if 92 is optimal/perfect defense stat against multiple Orc Youngs. But if we use simple mathematics which is super unreliable:

When my brother has 80 melee defense, orc youngs have about 6%
When my brother has 68 melee defense, orc youngs have about 11%

(80-68)/(11-6) = 12 melee def gives 5% difference in chance to get hit

So each melee def reduce chance to get hit by multiple orcs by 0.4%.
82~83 melee def should give you 95% chance to dodge against multiple orc youngs.

It seems our chance to hit enemy is determined by simple mathematics too.
Our melee skill – enemy defense stat – enemy shield defense etc = chance to hit

This is one reason to justify why we use simple and suspicious mathematics just now. I think my morale is wavering now O|¯|_
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To further answer your purpose behind your question, this is what I’ve done for my Nimble character.

In my case, I increase my melee defense to around 30. I’ve taken Nimble so it doubles to 60. I’ve also taken Hold Out, so my melee def will reach about 80 when I gain confident status.

Now that I’ve think of it… maybe I should increases my melee def slightly higher. You know, enemy has spear that increase accuracy by 20% and sword for 10% extra accuracy. Hah! Just kidding. Sword and spear doesn’t do damage at all. Wait a minute…. Greatsword and billhook increases accuracy by 5% too. These weapons hurt when they hit. Okay, your optimal defense stat should be 82~88, assuming most enemy has more or less same accuracy as orc youngs.

What do you mean I’m doing estimation based on estimation? I think my morale is breaking now. Everything sounds unreliable O|¯|_ By the way, I think I’ve answered your question as much as possible with the limited data I possessed. If anyone finds a certain type of enemy being extremely accurate and deadly than others, I would like to run the experiment again.
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let me read some of your replies before I reply again. I’m too ashamed of the long text so I must not join everything together.