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Those are some good questions. I don’t think I can give a definite answer to every single one yet. On the bright side, if you guys have any input, now is the time to let it be heard!

1. Does player can control just one team of brothers, on world map, or there is possibility to split one group to smaller?

Yes, the player controls a single team that can’t be split up.

2. Characteristics of artifacts are randomly generated, at the beginning of the game? They have random names, values, recipes, etc.?

Artifacts are hand-crafted with set names, stats and descriptions that often tell a short story on how the artifact came to be (similar to the descriptions of magical items in Icewind Dale and Baldur’s Gate, if you know those). Out of a large pool of hand-crafted artifacts, some are randomly chosen to appear in a new game, and not every single one will be available in every game.

3. Crafting, and scholarship is maintained in player’s “base”?

We’re still undecided on what restrictions we’ll put on managing the crafting and scholarship aspects of the game. They both aren’t implemented yet, and I think we’ll have a better idea once we can test various ideas in the game.

4. “Light conditions” means night and day (like in x-com), or is it depended on local weather?

It means a day-and-night cycle on the worldmap that comes with changing lighting conditions. Apart from visual variety the time of day or night will influence view ranges and possibly the behavior and strength of certain enemies (like vampires). We’ll see about that. As for different weather conditions, it’s something we’d like to do (and in fact, we already have a rainstorm on the tactical map, which works quite well visually) but which will have to wait until we have the more important game mechanics down.

5. Every troop demands regular payment in gold? Followers are loyal?

Yes, followers and Battle Brothers expect to be regularly paid. They’re fairly loyal though, and while not paying them for a while will lower their morale (which makes them turn tail more easily if a battle isn’t going well), they won’t ever take up arms against the player. We’ll have to see at which point they’d actually abandon the group, but it won’t be something they’ll do lightly.

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