Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers



Okay, after rebuilding a Perfect Focus archer with Battle Flow instead of Brawny, I was able to get out 10 shots the first turn in my very first battle (against Bandits, so easier kills than Orcs). I was wearing Lamellar Harness, so if you go into battle in lingerie like Mana, then perhaps even 11 or 12 is possible? That’s scary DPS. It might be that in practice the Perfect Focus archer could out DPS my “berserker” Perfect Focus melee, mainly because you don’t need your targets adjacent to you in melee range.

This initial test really really made me rethink the value of ranged units. I need to get a good battle where both ranged and melee DPS can both do their thang and compare; melees couldn’t do much here, because it was forest and half of the enemy was ranged and thus far away.

If I can consistently get 7 or 8 shots off in the first round (never mind 10 or more), then I might even add 1 more archer and drop a tank or something.