Reply To: Worldmap reveal and strategic gameplay

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Thanks for quick reply.
As for splitting group,… my vision of this game is closer to x-com. I think that it is player’s choice if he/she want to split, or regroup his troops. From programmer’s point of view this is easy to implement. Troop with the biggest morale is a natural leader of particular group. Possibility for splitting (or regrouping troops), adds to the game incredible amount of new strategy possibilities: flanking, surrounding, misleading foe, balancing forces, etc. All this in wider picture, on world’s map, as it should be. One battle alone is just summary of one step in wider strategy. It is basic concept in every well-respected strategy. If every group has its own vision range (enhanced by scouts), it even be more essential for realizing, individual approaching for treating enemy. So I’m sad about this, it decrease my enthusiasm for this game at this point.
Everything else, in what you have mentioned, is bearable.